WE ARE BACK TO BUSINESS (following the COVID-19 closing)


1. You must wear a mask. It's required & non-negotiable. We haven't failed a health inspection in over 71 years & we aren't going to now! We have to wear masks all day long so we totally get that they're uncomfortable. But we love our clients, friends & family & care about their health, so will do it with a smile... trust us it's under there!

If you will not wear a mask, you cannot have an appointment.


2. The salon door will be locked due to the social distancing guidelines - our space is small so we need to be able to ensure we have the appropriate amount of people in at one time before admitting more. Your hair, nail or skincare professional will give directions whether you are to call or text when you arrive & then we will let you know when you can come in. That means appointments only, please, no walk-ins.

Please do not bring others with you to your appointment unless they can wait in your vehicle.

Again, we WILL be inspected.


3. Upon entry, we will both sanitize our hands, to start off our time together cleanly & safely. If you do not wish to use hand sanitizer, you must wash your hands with soap & water for 20 seconds.

Please do not bring food or drinks in with you as you must remove or touch your mask to have them.


4. Curbside pickup & free no-contact delivery will still be available for all retail purchases! You can call 604-792-6161 to place your order. If you are picking up,  just call when you arrive & we will bring your items out to you.


We're looking forward to hearing about how you've been these last few months & ask for your patience

as we all navigate this next little while together, safely & respectfully.


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